[EFC] Escape From Chernarus | Tarkov Inspired Server

Nazwa [EFC] Escape From Chernarus | Tarkov Inspired Server
Strona WWW https://discord.gg/yzaeavq6pt
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Dodano 06-01-2022 20:30
Zaktualizowano 26-05-2024 08:32
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Właściciel b7t3_c0d3
zapraszamy na DSC - https://discord.gg/YZAEAVq6pt [EFC] Escape From Chernarus | Tarkov Inspired Server [EU] [Admin/Support and Mod recruitment, if you are from other countries, that would be a big advantage, we would like to write a rules in other languages. basic thing -knowledge of English language and a little bit experience in admin tools.] Server Style: PVP Map: Chernarus(winter) About Server: We creating a server inspired by the Escape From Tarkov, but we still keep the DayZ immersion - Survive. Our goal is to make server fun and enjoyable to everyone, you will find a lot of things to do, airdrops, new cars to buy, bunch of weapons to loot [from Tarkov too, also we have collectable items which value might change depends on market needs.] and clothes, also we provide custom crates with high value loot, to enter to them you need a keycard to open a vault or door. We hope everybody will find something for yourself. What We provide here: -New Cars -Helis - you can't buy them, but you can find them. -Traders with names from Tarkov. -Crates with high value loot. -Custom Hideout [if you ask] to bring Tarkov closer after 2 weeks playtime. -New Weapons -New Clothes -Collectable items -Vaults -Scav Bots randomly running on map -Helpful Admins and much more. if anyone would like to take a part of creating and developing a server, that would be so nice and of course will be rewarding!


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